Launching the Next-Generation Literature Management Solution

Announcement – Qinecsa Solutions Launches Next-Generation Literature Management Solution in Collaboration with AAICO, Revolutionizing Pharmacovigilance with AI


London, December 13, 2023 Qinecsa Solutions, experts in technology-driven end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest literature management solution in partnership with The Applied AI Company (AAICO). This strategic union combines Qinecsa’s medical and pharmacovigilance expertise with AAICO’s leading AI platform, promising a transformative overhaul in global literature management processes through automation and advanced analytics.

Currently, Qinecsa’s market-leading literature screening service, including the pioneering LitTRACE automation platform, has annually reviewed over a million publicly available citations to identify articles containing cases.

Now, with the integration of AAICO’s unique AI capabilities, LitTRACE will further reduce manual reviews, mitigate human errors, and strengthen overall compliance standards allowing for the quicker identification of ICSRs and safety signals.

The collaboration will bring pharmacovigilance literature management to the next level with projections of productivity gains exceeding 40%.

“At AAICO, we’re dedicated to increasing the productivity of document-heavy tasks within the health and safety sectors using AI,” stated Arya Bolurfrushan, Founder and CEO of AAICO. “By collaborating with Qinecsa and the Qinecsa LitTRACE solution, we’ve created a breakthrough combination of AI, workflow management and an expert literature management team to revolutionize pharmacovigilance processes and enhance patient health outcomes.”

“Partnering with AAICO marks a pivotal moment for Qinecsa Solutions. Combining our scientific expertise with AAICO’s AI proficiency is set to revolutionize global literature management for our valued customers,” expressed John Gillie, CEO of Qinecsa Solutions.“ The launch of Qinecsa’s next-generation literature management solution is an exciting start to this significant endeavour, merging our scientific knowledge with AI prowess to transform and elevate pharmacovigilance services, driving tangible improvements in productivity and compliance.”

Together, experts from AAICO and Qinecsa Solutions remain committed to further advancing pharmacovigilance solutions through AI capabilities. Their aim is to digitize previously resource-intensive workflows to increase accuracy and efficiency in pharmacovigilance processes.



About The Applied AI Company (AAICO)
The Applied AI Company (AAICO) builds products to help automate and enhance mission critical processes within the health and safety sectors. AAICO is focused on improving the productivity and quality of document-heavy decisions and reviews in the healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries. These decisions include independent medical examination, claims adjustment, pharmacovigilance literature review, identity verification and medical coding. AAICO processes millions of articles a month of medical literature and personal health records in the US, UK, Europe, and the UAE.

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About Qinecsa Solutions
Qinecsa are specialists in technology led end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions. We are trusted, global partners bringing together best-in-class technology and scientific expertise to connect life science companies to the right safety solutions. Through our unique insight into the challenges of pharmacovigilance, we have created industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for capturing, managing, and evaluating drug safety data, more efficiently and accurately. Working with life science companies we drive progress to continue protecting lives.

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