Next-Gen Literature

Next-Generation Literature Management

Our cutting-edge literature screening system combines expert collaboration and AI-driven software to streamline compliance, boost productivity, and efficiently categorize literature for ICSRs and signals.

Enhanced Efficiency

AI-enabled literature management reduces manual review, ensuring faster processing and decreased human error, leading to a 40% increase in productivity.

Audit-Ready Support

Ensure high-quality, efficient, compliant, and fully audit-trailed literature reviews amid varying volumes and regulations.

Precision and Speed

Leverage intelligent automation, to ensure precise scrutiny of articles, abstracts, and citations, guaranteeing accuracy and expediency in the review process.

Precision, Compliance, and Enhanced Productivity

Streamlined Review

Reduce the need for in-depth review of literature citations and abstracts by up to 50%, leveraging machine-assisted learning for enhanced precision.

Productivity Surge

Boost productivity by 40% through expert-led literature screening using automation.

Compliance and Efficiency

Ensure compliance, save time with clear audit trails, and eliminate human error.

Efficient Signals

Parallel assessment of both ICSRs and safety signals avoids article duplication, ensuring efficient review.

Streamlined workflow to enhance overall compliance and deliver inspection-ready solutions, saving time and resources for clients.

Literature Management

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