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Who We Are

We are trusted, global partners bringing together best-in-class technology and scientific expertise to connect life science companies, public health, and regulatory sectors to the right safety solutions.

Our Industry-Leading Drug Safety Technology Platforms

Best-in-class technology that integrate with the pharmacovigilance landscape to reshape business processes.


Our automated case intake and follow up platform, Reportum, provides a centralized solution for multi-lingual data capture across all intake sources to increase efficiencies and standardize safety data intake and management.


Revolutionary platform for managing all drug safety processes comprehensively, from ICSR, submissions, Aggregates, signal, risk management, PSMF, and beyond.

Vigilance Workbench (CVW)

Our signal detection & management platform, the Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW), spans the full spectrum of the signal management process to ensure no signals are missed and important signals are prioritized.

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Comprehensive, end-to-end technology product offerings supporting every step of today’s Pharmacovigilance needs from large pharma to small biotech firms, with a clear roadmap.

Our Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance Service Offerings

Supported by the highest caliber of medical and scientific staff to generate rapidly vital safety insights.
Local Pharmacovigilance

Local Pharmacovigilance

Medical Device Vigilance

Medical Device Vigilance

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Medical Information Call Center

Medical Information Call Center

Medical Information Call Center

Global Regulatory Intelligence for PV (GRIP)

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In this era of rapid evolution, Qinecsa’s unrivalled pharmacovigilance service offerings empower companies to adapt, ensure patient safety, and successfully support their invaluable product portfolios. 

Our Solutions

Our Innovative Pharmacovigilance Solutions

We have created industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for capturing, managing, and evaluating drug safety data more efficiently and accurately.
End-to-end case management

End-to-End Case Management

Qinecsa is a leading global provider of end-to-end pharmacovigilance solutions. Our team of pharmacovigilance specialists leverage technology solutions to deliver all aspects of global case management for both clinical and post-marketing products.
Literature Management

Next Generation Literature Management

Our innovative literature screening merges expertise with automation for increased productivity and compliance. Designed to expedite compliance while enhancing productivity, it features industry experts and cutting-edge AI software.

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Advancing Drug Safety Solutions to the Next Level

We’re working with life science companies to drive progress and continue protecting lives.