Literature screening and review

Literature Screening and Review

Literature screening and review represents the process of identifying ICSRs and potential safety signals from the literature search for case processing, inclusion in aggregate reports and further evaluation in signal management process. Qinecsa provides comprehensive search, screening and review management, supported by our multidisciplinary team of experts and an array of specialized services.

Extensive literature screening and review services, encompassing thorough analysis, critique, and evaluation of literary works to reveal their profound insights, tailored precisely to meet your specific criteria and regulatory requirements.

Search Strategy

Our experts design, maintain and execute a bespoke search strategy covering clients’ therapies from both ICSR and safety surveillance aspects. Search strings are customized according to applicable search engines such as Embase and PubMed.


Screening and review are conducted to identify ICSRs and safety pertinent abstracts and eliminate irrelevant material. Subsequently, a thorough examination of full texts is conducted against predetermined eligibility criteria.

Full Texts and Translations

Our services encompass full text procurement, assessment, and translations. Our highly skilled reviewers also provide comprehensive reference summaries comprising relevant sources and citations, to be utilized for further reference.