Local pharmacovigilance

Local pharmacovigilance

Qinecsa have an established network of experts globally with localized expertise to address both regulatory and client obligations across all regions.

Local intelligence to ensure global compliance with regulatory requirements.

Established Network

Access a network of fully trained and managed country experts (LPPVs and EU QPPVs) to support essential local PV activities.

Culture of Quality

Ensure an inspection-ready mindset to understand and meet both country-level and client expectations.

Reduce Effort and Costs

Streamline management and training of the local PV experts under an established, ISO accredited QMS platform.

Fully Managed Local PV Services

Global reach

Global Reach

Global LPPV and EU QPPV coverage, including Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Inspection-approved processes

Inspection-Approved Processes

Processes to support end-to-end local pharmacovigilance activities in a compliant manner.



Affordable, embedded technologies to support local literature management and translations activities.

Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence

Cost-effective regulatory intelligence services to proactively plan and manage regulatory expectations.