QPPV services

QPPV Services

Qualified person responsible for pharmacovigilance (QPPV) services contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of pharmacovigilance efforts, fostering trust in the pharmaceutical industry and prioritizing the well-being of patients. Qinecsa QPPV services provide expert pharmacovigilance leadership to ensure regulatory compliance, uphold quality standards, and safeguard patient safety in the pharmaceutical industry.

We work with a network of PV experts that serve as QPPV / LPPV for global and local pharma and biotech firms globablly.


Extensive network of QPPVs in the EU and UK with the required level of experience, qualification, and registration with Eudravigilance.


Support available from the local person for pharmacovigilance in several countries in the EU to help navigate through the compliance requirement of country specific regulations.

Back-up Arrangement

Availability of a back-up/deputy to the QPPV and access for the QPPV/deputy to a medically qualified person at all times.