CVW Platform

CVW Platform

The Commonwealth Vigilance Workbench (CVW) signal detection platform spans the full spectrum of the signal management process to ensure all potential signals are tracked with clear prioritization.

Improve Productivity

Automate the analysis of multiple datasets to interpret signals across clinical and commercial products.

Enhance Compliance

Standardize signal processes and workflows and leverage a single audit trail for all signal detection and management activities.

Faster, More Consistent Decision

A single environment to ensure faster, more conclusive data interpretation across all sources.

Robust Data Integration and Functionality

Streamline Signal Detection Processes

Efficient framework to identify signals of interest, generate alerts, and consolidate evidence for maintaining safety profiles.

Track Decisions and Conclusions

Captures relevant artifacts for communicating signal assessments and manages priorities,responsibilities, and timelines.

Data Visualization

Unique interactive dashboard to support case exploration and analysis.

Global Support and Collaboration

Technology framework to compliment world-class expertise in the analysis of data to support signal management.

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