Dec 14, 2022 | Case studies

Increasing Medical Information Call Center compliance and efficiency

A specialty pharma company were experiencing complaints regarding their existing Medical Information Call Center (MICC) due to a high call abandon rate. Qinecsa provided Medical Information Call Center services in eight languages to support global 24/7/365 coverage, ensuring sustained quality, compliance, and timeliness.


Join Qinecsa at 6th ISoP Seminar, Boston

Join Qinecsa at 6th ISoP Seminar, Boston

Dr Andrew Rut, Senior Executive at Qinecsa will be attending the 6th ISoP Seminar on 5-6 December in Boston, US. The seminar theme is 'Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance' and Dr Rut will share insights into how the use of technology solutions can address PV...