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Complete pharmacovigilance and medical information services.

Supported by the highest caliber of medical and scientific staff to generate vital safety insights, rapidly.

Safety & pharmacovigilance

Our global team’s extensive clinical and post-marketing experience supports world class pharmacovigilance operations. Our full-service solutions include case processing, quality & compliance, regulatory, and reporting.

Medical information call center

Our 24/7/365 call center of highly trained Medical Information specialists supports over 800 unique prescription products and medical devices across multiple languages and regions.

Quality & compliance

Our dedicated Pharmacovigilance Quality Assurance team, with expertise in core drug safety and GvP auditing capabilities, offer ‘Audits as a Service’ across North America, Europe, Asia, and MENA countries.

Strategic advisory services

Clients are supported by our expert team who help to innovate and transform operations through real-time insights, experiences, and benchmarks from industry leading pharma and biotech companies.