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Complete pharmacovigilance and medical information services

Supported by the highest caliber of medical and scientific staff to generate vital safety insights, rapidly.

Case management

Our global team’s extensive clinical and post-marketing experience supports world class pharmacovigilance operations. Our full-service solutions include case processing, quality & compliance, regulatory, and reporting.

Medical information call center

Our 24/7/365 call center of highly trained Medical Information specialists supports over 800 unique prescription products and medical devices across multiple languages and regions.

Quality & compliance

Our dedicated Pharmacovigilance Quality Assurance team, with expertise in core drug safety and GvP auditing capabilities, offer ‘Audits as a Service’ across North America, Europe, Asia, and MENA countries.

Signal & risk management

With diverse therapeutic expertise and industry-leading technology, our team supports the breadth and depth of signal evaluation and risk management obligations.

Local Pharmacovigilance

Qinecsa have an established network of experts globally with localized expertise to address both regulatory and client obligations across all regions.

Clinical safety management

Qinecsa offers an extensive array of services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your clinical program. No matter the kind of support you need, we are here to provide assistance.

Pharmacovigilance consulting

Qinecsa provides strategic advisory services to help clients address challenges and build pharmacovigilance solutions to fit their needs for both now and the future.

Medical Writing

Qinecsa provides crucial expert medical writing services to ensure accurate reflection of safety profiles for commercial and clinical products.

Healthcare Analytics

As part of Qinecsa Solutions, the Commonwealth Informatics healthcare analytics team holds extensive expertise in analyzing safety data from diverse sources. This enables us to support our clients and partners in making well-informed
decisions concerning evolving safety profiles.