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Healthcare analytics

As part of Qinecsa Solutions, the Commonwealth Informatics healthcare analytics team has deep and broad experience across the safety domain, particularly related to development of signal detection methods from healthcare and safety data. This enables us to support our clients and partners in making well-informed decisions concerning evolving safety profiles.

Our team of healthcare analytics experts provide services to support drug safety reviewers with the detection of safety signals.

Service flexibility and scale

Tailored services to meet clients’ changing needs including flexibility to respond rapidly to project demands and deviations and achieve long-term client loyalty.

Streamline surveillance

Trusted collaborator, helping organizations across the life sciences spectrum make better use of data to reach key decisions sooner.

Expert insights

Leverage expertise to offer strategic guidance, enriching healthcare analytics strategy and establishing trusted, knowledgeable partnership.

We collaborate with regulators, research organizations, and the pharma industry to drive innovation in safety sciences.

Breadth of experience

We engage as engineers who understand both the capabilities and limitations of technology and work with different types of healthcare, safety, clinical study data, and related coded vocabularies.

Highly configurable web application

Open-source software, supported by a consortium of public health agencies, for infectious disease case management, surveillance, and outbreak investigation software for public health

Easily integrated

Integrate EpiTrax with multiple data sources, medical dictionaries, Electronic Lab Record (ELR), and Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) systems.

Continuous innovation

Repeatedly created or supported the creation of innovative, pragmatic, and effective solutions