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Reportum platform

Reportum is a unified adverse event platform managing both digital and analogue initial and follow-up reports across global sources and languages.

Reportum pharmacovigilance platform

Our established and proven service is built upon key principles which enable sustained and compliant outputs for all safety and pharmacovigilance processes.

Improve user experience

Provide an intuitive and engaging reporting experience that works on users’ preferred devices and in their local language.

Control pharmacovigilance workflow

Achieve global consistency with a single, centralized, and fully audit-trailed solution for all intake routes and follow up.

Reduce effort and costs

Streamline pharmacovigilance processes by digitizing intake, output, and eliminating manual steps.

Fully verified and highly scalable SaaS platform

Digital and pharmacovigilance forms intake

Unified capture of data through a single workflow engine enabling digital intake at source or automatic import of structured forms across languages.

Configurable platform

Tailored experience based on user type, product, and nature of adverse events.

Seamless integration

Eliminate manual reconciliation through automated E2BR2/R3 transfer into the safety database.

Scalable and secure

High availability and high-performance cloud infrastructure to manage rapid shifts in adverse event reporting.

~1 million

Reports processed


Program vendors and specialty pharmacies




Reduction in local case processing


Reduction in reconciliation effort


Reduction in central case processing