Drug safety and reporting training

Drug Safety and Reporting Training

Drug safety and reporting training to provide requisite global and local clinical and PV regulations, directives, and data privacy laws so that personnel can perform their roles effectively and efficiently and fulfil the objectives of PV business units.

Qinecsa offer trainings across the drug safety spectrum, starting from a basic level through to complex interfacing processes such as clinical data management.

Training Guidelines

Illustrative references for designing custom training include EU GVP modules, EU CTR guidelines, US FDA regulations, Health Canada regulations and General Data Protection Regulation.

Target Audience

Training is developed and conducted according to target audience requirements such as core clinical safety and PV staff, non-PV staff, and local affiliates.

Train the Trainer

Dedicated SME trainers collaborate with clients to set up train-the-trainer models and tailor training modules for routine drug safety and inspection readiness training.