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Data migration

Data migration represents the process of transferring ICSR data from one safety database to destination safety database to ensure the clients have all their ICSR pertinent data at a single location. Qinecsa provides a secure, optimized transfer service for a smooth transition to new systems, all the while safeguarding data integrity and performance.

ICSR management services by Qinecsa

Effortless data migration services facilitate a seamless transition while ensuring the integrity and performance of your data. A worry-free journey.

Data migration

Our business and technology SMEs work together to design migration plans to enable clients meet business critical time frame. Qinecsa collaborate with clients to understand volumes and strategic priorities to determine best method of migration.

Legacy migrations

We have led successful migrations using manual, semi-automated and fully automated solutions. All legacy migrations are governed by pre-defined and mutually agreed data migration plan followed by closure summary report.

Types of migration

Fully automated migration is performed via SQL scripts based on mapping document. Access to ARISg ESM or Oracle ARGUS Interchange module is required to migrate XMLs. Manual migration is performed for non-E2B data.