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Pharmacovigilance consulting

Qinecsa provides strategic advisory services to help clients address challenges and build pharmacovigilance solutions to fit their needs for both now and the future.

Our expert team provides valuable insights that facilitate informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

Access to global experts

Strengthen PV expertise through a network of industry leaders to support decisions through proven approaches.

Fit-for-future strategy

Develop innovative approaches involving all relevant stakeholders to generate an optimal PV model to address the evolving landscape.

Save time and cost

Gain valuable industry insights to identify gaps in existing processes and identify best-in-breed partners and technology to address them.

Strategic advisory services

PV Toolkit

Proven structure and methodology applying management consulting principles to the science of pharmacovigilance.

Expansive PV network

Established network of PV leaders and industry peers to support benchmarking and gain valuable insights from their experiences.


Proven framework

Essential activities include data gathering and analysis, stakeholder management and decision-making to support recommendations.

Unrivaled expertise

Experienced team of consultants with deep-rooted pharmacovigilance expertise to navigate the challenges associated with process, technology, and vendor optimization.